Thursday, February 22, 2024

Home and Business PC Care - Our Services

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On Domestic and Business fronts the company provides the following services:

New Installations - New or reconditioned PCs set up with all necessary software with Email and Networking as required. Transfer all data from old to new.

Maintenance Contracts - These are designed around a customer's personal needs. Maintenance Contracts ranging from Health Checks to a full Software, Hardware and Antivirus Services.

Hardware and Software repairs - All manner of repairs are undertaken with the exception of detailed hardware repairs to laptops or monitors.

Wired and Wireless Networking - Many self-installed Wireless Networks do not include the necessary security restrictions when setting them up. We install wireless networks from a wide range of manufacturers. We carry out sub-contract work for many Internet Providers including BT, EE, Sky and Virginmedia.

Virus Detection, Removal and Prevention - The bane of our lives. With insufficient protection your PC is likely to be slow or function in an unpredictable way. Virus removal can be slow and expensive, with data loss likely. We are able to advise on a range of products. We are the local agent for selling NOD32- a very formidable deterrent.

Data Retrieval Service - When Windows fails and does not allow access to data it can be frustrating. In most cases the data is still on the hard drive, but not accessible. Although sometimes slow, the data can be retrieved even after the drive has been accidentally formatted.