Friday, April 12, 2024

Business IT Care Visits - in and around Plymouth

If you have a small business you do not have the need for a dedicated IT department. A dedicated maintenance contract can be reassuring but can also be very expensive. But you still need to look after your computers and the data they hold.

We offer an alternative.

An initial free 30 minute consultation

We can then offer a Pro-Active Quarterly Check to ensure your data is safe and your computer continues to work as it should.

We will check that your system is working as it should with adequate protection against spyware, Adware and viruses. we will check your network and if it is wireless we will check it is protected against unwanted hackers. In a recent BBC programme it was stated that 1 in 3 of all properties with wireless networks do not have sufficient protection on their networks. The National Newspaper phone tapping shows what can happen when you do not protect your data.

For call outs, we will try to reach you the same day or at your convenience after working hours.

For more information please e-mail